‘I’m Sorry’ by Wil

None of us are perfect. We all have hurt others in our lives, whether that be accidental or with purpose. Indie folk-rock songwriter and musician Wil has some important things to say on this topic in his latest single ‘I’m Sorry.’ This track highlights the importance of apologizing to others if we hurt them. This is a wonderful message, because it can be a great step in moving forward and growing within your life. Wil has been working on his 6th studio album by the name of ‘Gold Mine,’ with ‘I’m Sorry’ being the opener. This is a great opener that preludes a phenomenal album showing Wil’s musical growth and passion.

‘I’m Sorry’ is a gorgeous track. It gives that chill lo-fi sound with its somber piano basis, but the production is crisp and clean. This may just be one of the most emotional tracks you’ll hear this year. The vocals are sweet and work wonderfully with some high falsetto tones which breaks into a more belted falsetto tone. He hits those higher notes with so much power and force behind them. This is a great display of Wil’s musical prowess, as he doesn’t utilize this vocal sound much within his discography. The slower tempo has a way of pulling you into this track perfectly. ‘I’m Sorry’ is overall well-composed and charged with raw emotion.

‘I’m Sorry’ is exactly what its title sounds like, an apology. While there are many tracks that explore the topic of being hurt by a loved one, this one tackles the topic of hurting someone. The music and lyrics work together to build a genuine feeling. “I think in any relationship, being lovers, best friends or both, you say things you just don’t mean… the important thing is to know how and when to say I’m Sorry,” Wil states on this track. You can just tell this single was written from a genuine place. It’s going to fit right into ‘Gold Mine,’ as the album will have a basis in relationships and agelessness.

William Mimnaugh, or Wil, is a 51-year-old songwriter and musician who has been making a great comeback. He’s here to prove that you can make amazing music no matter how old you are, and that there are always chances to keep on growing. Wil has a basis in indie folk-rock and acoustic guitar, but he’s shown that he can be dynamic through his discography. Having been making music for 20 years, he’s had a long journey, and he’s released albums that he’s proud of and ones that he isn’t as proud of. From how it sounds, this album is definitely one to be proud of. Don’t forget to stream ‘I’m Sorry’ today, and get ready for the release of ‘Gold Mine’ on May 13th.

Written by Sage Plapp

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