“Complicated” by Nick Vulture

In his new single “Complicated,” Nick Vulture sings about a relationship that is causing immense grief. With raw, stripped back vocals and beautiful acoustic guitar strumming, “Complicated” places you right in the middle of a true love that just isn’t meant to be. 

“It shouldn’t be this complicated, we shouldn’t feel scared and so frustrated.” If we’re meant to be together, why does it feel so hard? If I love you, why does it hurt so bad? When these questions start cropping up in a relationship, it tends to be the beginning of the end. 

Vulture doesn’t explicitly state the reason for this relationship’s strife, which makes it all the more applicable to the listeners’ own life. There are endless reasons a loving relationship can end- so often two people are just on different paths in life, and a separation is inevitable.

My favorite line in the song is “we shouldn’t feel like we’re always waiting, but we do.” I love the ambiguity of its meaning- what are they waiting for? Maybe they are both anticipating the end of the relationship, or maybe they’re waiting for something to save the relationship. Either way, the only future approaching is one that brings the end of this love. 

Vulture’s crisp vocals and lovely harmonies make it easy to feel both his regret and acceptance over the state of this love. He knows this love was great and wants to pretend that it’s still the way it used to be. But, he also knows it shouldn’t feel so confusing, frustrating, and difficult. “Complicated” excellently expresses the despair of falling out of sync with someone you love. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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