“Hope Like Hell” by The Grinning Barretts

Starting in a basement in 2016 The Grinning Barretts describe themselves as a bagpipe strangling, vocal chord mangling Vancouver Island Celtic punk rock band. The band consists of five multi talented individuals, on lead guitar, vocals and production is Pat Westmacott, the guitar, also on banjo and vocalist Dave Greig, Aaron Bergen is on bagpipes, flutes and vocals, also on vocals and keys is Alli Bean, the talented Jeremy Fiddy is the drummer, bassist and vocalist Nate Stafford.

According to the group, the title track, “Hope Like Hell”, serves as a well-wish to good friends through trying times as well as a searing takedown of the intersection between anti-Semitism and anti-Science rhetoric. “Hope Like Hell” is the song to get you up on your feet and on the dance floor, it’s a classic punk song that you can’t help but to instantly love.

Get ready to square dance and head bob at the same time, “Star of the County Down” is “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” but done The Grinning Barretts style. You will want to dosey doe all over the dance floor, so grab your partner and start your swing dance.

The fast paced song that is “10 Teraohm” will make your nose bleed because you’re head banging so hard, this will be the song that starts the mosh pit that everyone has been waiting for. The band has a unique way of making every song fun and interesting, there is never a dull moment with this group.

As the EP comes to an end with “Foggy Dew”, it’s transports you to your very own Narnia, with a twist. The song starts off very melodic then it takes you on an aggressive journey that you needed to take. The Grinning Barretts is a group that is hard to not love, every song is special and you can’t say that you’ve heard anything like it. You can only imagine how fun their lives shows are, the thought of it only hypes you up to want to see them more. The Grinning Barretts are a fun loving band that you can’t get enough of.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: John Carlow (Finding Charlotte Photography)




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