“Regret You” by Tazmin

“Regret You” is a collaboration between Worchester, UK based singer-songwriter Tazmin and dance music producer 5park. The track was created in one week, an impressive feat for the pair, who had never met before, and was released on March 31st, 2022.

The song deals with the narrator working through complex and mixed feelings after the end of a relationship; Tazmin sings, “I don’t regret you, maybe I do, depends if I’m drinking or with someone new.” The track is characterized by it’s passionate vocals, build, and catchiness. The track is an EDM/dance pop anthem, but Tazmin’s expressive vocals give the track an ever so slight bluesy twist.

Tazmin cites some of her biggest musical influences to be Dua Lipa and Jessie J; their impact can definitely be heard in this track. The song gave me a little bit of nostalgia for the summer I was thirteen ten years ago, with artists like Cher Lloyd and Jessie J breaking out and topping the charts. “Regret You” is a powerful pop anthem that has vibes of sun, popsicles, and a hot girl summer. However, the track contains a distinctly modern, Gen-Z EDM twist, one that makes you ready to hit a rave with your girlfriends to forget about your ex. The album’s cover art reflects this modernity, depicting a sci-fi-esque font and a glitchy image of Tazmin standing on a suburban street.

Tazmin is only 19 years old and has already scored two Top Twenty spots on the iTunes pop charts during her career—we’re certainly looking forward to more releases from her.





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