“Wild Baby” by Jamythyst

“Wild Baby,” by NYC-based pop artist Jamythyst hit the world on April 8th, 2022. Jamythyst is the sole creative force behind her project, taking on production in addition to one hundred percent of the songwriting and performing. Her track “Wild Baby” is characterized by the catchiness, energy, and how it makes you want to dance.

Jamythyst describes herself as a “90s girl with a singular pop vision,” a description that’s certainly accurate with “Wild Baby.” The cover art on Spotify depicts Jamythyst on a backdrop of leopard print, emphasizing the song’s establishment of that of a quirky wild child. The track blends hyper pop with synth and electronic elements, along with a retro 80s-90s twist. All together, it makes for a track that makes you want to jump around and dance. 

The song describes ending a relationship; rather than being bittersweet, angry, and sad, it’s happy and empowering. The narrator feels ready to move on to bigger and better things, and is the one that’s taken control over the fate of the relationship: “It was fun for awhile but you must release me to the wild baby.” However, there’s a slight note of sadness and turmoil, with the line, “It was heaven, it was bliss, but you broke your promises.” 

The affects on the breathy vocals are certainly 90s, calling to mind the likes of Britney Spears. She describes her musical influences as “Madonna, Prince, Robyn, and Mariah” as well as Peaches and Paul Abdul. The most apparent of these influences in “Wild Baby” is Madonna and Peaches, with the glitchy and sparkling sound present in Jamythyst’s music.





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