“The Borderline” by Finn McGowan

Photo Credit: Imogen Davis

Some years ago I started to become rather bored with the male artists that had been staples in my music library since I was a teen. They just weren’t writing what I needed to hear, so I just stopped listening. With that, my old blog turned into a female/non-binary space. However, the tides have changed thanks to a few artists out of the UK, Finn McGowan being the latest with his single, “The Borderline.” 

Described as a “coming of age” song, my interest was heightened as that’s my favorite genre across all platforms. I didn’t just listen and digest the lyrics once or twice, there was a handful of listens that came before sitting down and putting my thoughts down for Finn McGowan’s vocals are the kind that deserve to be taken in repeatedly. So yes, lyrically…It was this sort of heartbreaking yet inspired musical moment. We’re listening to someone come into their own, but at the same time, we can’t help but hear the pain that pushed them to this realization of self and growth. The highs and lows of the experiences that led to this song are all sewn together in this audible quilt, and you’ll want nothing but to nestle up with it. 

As for the men from the UK that changed my mind, Finn McGowan is on my personal list now alongside the likes of Moncrieff whose “Warm” is just that, as well as Sam Thompkins who gave me life with “Hero.” If you’ve been lucky enough to hear either of those, then you will for sure want to add “The Borderline” to your own list as well. 

To date, Finn McGowan has released a half dozen singles including “You Taught Me” and “In Love With You.” To hear all of those and more, including “The Borderline,” make sure to check Finn McGowan out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran





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