“Our Goodbye” by Silvia De Rosa

“Our Goodbye” by Hanoi, Vietnam based singer songwriter Silvia De Rosa is a self-described anthem “for those with a broken heart.”

The contemporary art pop track is most characterized by how hauntingly beautiful it is. The acoustic elements of the song, which is composed only of Silvia’s stained glass-like vocals and a piano accompaniment, give the song a sense of intimacy between the artist and listener. This adds to the sense of vulnerability and emotion present in the track.

The song’s bridge is especially beautiful, the piano accompaniment growing softer to place more emphasis on Silvia’s words: “So I guess this is our goodbye. Best wishes then for you next life.” 

The video accompanying the track depicts Silvia De Rosa at a table against a red backdrop; she wears a red dress and stands out starkly against the rest of the scene with her blue hair. Throughout the video, she scribbles, plays ukulele, cries, fixes her makeup, plays cards, and does other activities restlessly. The video depicts her trying to distract herself from the intense negative emotions of breakup, but failing to do so. The video is a beautiful accompaniment to the song’s themes, and looks visually gorgeous. 

At the end of the video, Silvia gets up from the table as the song ends, freeing her from dwelling on the pain. This mirrors the track itself, with the final lyrics of, “This time, I decide to let you go, my dear, goodbye.” All in all, the song is a beautiful track for any heartbreak you find yourself going through, and ends on an empowering note to help you move on. 

“Our Goodbye” is Silvia De Rosa’s first and so far only release—we are certainly looking forward to more releases from her! 





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