“Depths” by Garrow Hill

Think rock is dead? Take a listen to Garrow Hill’s “Depths,” and you’ll take back that statement. Garrow Hill brings back the hard-hitting rock that has seemed to fade into the distance as other genres seem to be taking over the modern world; Garrow Hill is taking rock back, as “Depths” has everything one could want for a rock single: soaring guitars, blunt drums, and captivating, uncompromising vocals. 

Garrow Hill is a two-person band consisting of Stew King on guitars and vocals and PG Branton on drums. The two have been friends on and off the stage for over thirty years, meeting in secondary school with a shared love of rock and metal; together they created their own distinct sound. The duo creates music that seems only to be able to be made by multiple people, yet Garrow Hill does it flawlessly with just the two of them. 

Something unique about Garrow Hill is they have the perfect medium of having a nostalgic vibe to it with its 80s rock inspirations, but has a fresh modern element, making it work in the 21st century.

“Depths” was written by Stew King and was recorded in October 2020 in York, London. The track is about a life-changing moment when one must learn how to take that moment and make themselves stronger. According to the duo, the “depths” they are referring to is a moment when we choose to “sink or swim.” “Depths” is the ultimate rock song; it is guaranteed to get any party going!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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