“Violet” by Silver Lake

The indie pop/rock duo Silver Lake is back with their second single, “Violet,” a dreamy, hauntingly beautiful track. Fresh off their successful first single, “Under The Silver Lake,” which marked their distinctive, genre-bending sound, the group brings a new element to their already carefully crafted work. Consisting of multi-talented artists and partners (both on and off stage) Jesse Koch and Marleen Hoebe, the Netherlands duo is destined for success.

According to the band, “Violet” is about that dark shadow of yourself; when your light is dim on certain days, and nothing seems to go right. The track’s central message is instilling the importance of the human capacity to get rid of those negative feelings, which we are all capable of doing.

“Violet” is the second single off the group’s upcoming debut album, “Silver Lake,” a 10-song record showcasing the duo’s unique sound. Koch and Hoebe performed and wrote all of the songs featured on the record; it was recorded and co-produced by Pieter Vonk (instrumentals) and features Javier den Leeuw on bass.

“Violet” showcases Hoebe’s angel-like voice juxtaposed with the dark atmosphere of the instrumental. The lyrics, “I want to get rid of, rid of this roadblock; even though it’s just temporary,” and “Underestimating when a situation’s out of control” showcase that chaotic feeling of being out of the control and those days when everything feels dark. Although the song encompasses darkness, it also has a powerful message of knowing that the darkness will eventually go away and light will begin to shine through. “Violet” is a truly special track, and Silver Lake is a group that music fans need to be on the lookout for!

Written by Melissa Cusano

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