“Repossess My Education” by Derek Luttrell

Photo Credit: Zach Staas

There was a long time in history when adults who only had to master the art of typing pushed their children and grandchildren into higher education. Which, those who wanted to become doctors and lawyers, okay – cool, but for the rest of us…it was sort of the worst thing we ever got pressured into doing. College may’ve cost a nickel back in the day, but for those of us who were preyed upon once the cost rose above and beyond by student loan sharks, it’s been one heck of a whirlwind after graduation. So you can imagine how taken aback and emotional I became when I came across “Repossess My Education” by Derek Luttrell.

Written in his delivery truck with a student loan statement in hand, Derek Luttrell started to formulate his latest single. I’ve often said that I’d give back my diploma if I could be rid of my student loan payments as I’ve been paying the same amount for over a decade and have barely made a dent. So when Derek Luttrell’s folksy vibes came through with a message he feels is niche, but I feel is 100% universal for a particular generation, I wanted to raise this song like a treasure uncovered. With this folk meets Americana feel, “Repossess My Education” is a song that provides an easy listening experience that many, regardless of their personal genre preference, are going to be able to hear clearly and connect with. 

“Repossess My Education” is Derek Luttrell’s latest single and follows “Lose Control” from earlier this year. On top of those, he’s got two albums under his belt; his 2014 debut, ‘Tired Dogs, Old Trees,’ and his most recent, ‘The Wolf Who Cried Boy.’ To hear all of the above, make sure to check out Derek Luttrell on all major music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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