“Submarine” by Pepe Sherbet

Have you been in the need of a new vibin’ song to welcome the coming springtime? If that’s the case, then Pepe Sherbet’s single, “Submarine” is the perfect mellow greeting for the season. This song will have you smiling and grooving along in your bedroom within the first 4 measures. And the man behind the groovin’ music is Pepe Sherbet – a UK-based, self-produced, singer-songwriter located in Manchester and ready to win you over with this debut. 

Incorporating a catchy guitar riff and steady bassline, Sherbet creatively blends the genres of Indie and Funk in a subtle, smooth way. At first listen, Pepe will have you falling for his soulful voice and lofi hip-hop style. What’s most surprising is that the track only dropped on April 15th, 2022, yet is quickly becoming a hit amongst listeners. The smooth transitions between the instrumental interludes and catchy chorus will have the song stuck in your head for hours! My favorite aspect of the song is its ability to capture the feeling of an easy-going, Sunday morning. Like picnics in the park or brunch with friends, this song catches the same mellow vibe that we all strive for on the weekends. 

If the catchy drums and funky bassline weren’t enough, Pepe’s lyrics like “I went over and she loved me to death” and “Had to hold her back while I got my breath” effortlessly catch the hearts of listeners. His style brings about a more submissive attitude towards Love that isn’t often depicted in today’s music. I’m hooked. This refreshing beat, along with its playfully lyrics will have you looking on the bright side of life and, after all, who doesn’t want a little more light in their life?

Written by Natalie Elena

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