“The Ball Pit” by Dangelobenjamin

If you are looking to go on a musical journey through experimental sound, then the release of Dangelobejamin’s newest album, “The Ball Pit”, is the next destination for you. This album incorporates a variety of unique instruments and sounds throughout each song to bring the listener on an auditory adventure. For this album, I highly recommend carving out some time to sit down and listen with headphones. 

Based in Washington DC, this artist is truly visionary in his ability to connect and guide the listeners through a blend of different genres. When speaking about inspiration and music, Dangelobenjamin stated that, “The world around us is a symphony on its own, and just tuning into nature, or the sounds of the city, can be a meditative and spiritual experience”. It’s no wonder the album is able to capture the world in such varied, vivid color. When you see the world as a musical wonderland, your music will capture and represent the wonders of that world.

The album starts with a soft, psychedelic ballad, “Hold My Hand”, and believe me when I say, this song will put you in a trance. Dangelobenjamin then explores a more techno, EDM sound with songs like “Cyberninjaz” and “Basement Type Beat”. To me, these songs capture the atmosphere of a busy city night: fun, fresh, and freeing. Warning: you will feel like the main character of a movie if you blast this while walking down the street. You also won’t be able to stop yourself from turning the volume up and jamming along.

What most impresses me is the range of styles found in each song. If you’re looking for a ‘bedroom chill’ beat, “Feel It Inside” is the song for you. As for “Another Great Gig”, you are delivered a smooth, jazzy melody guaranteed to make you swing and sway. If you are moved by acoustic songs with touching lyrics, “Fake Plastic Trees” (featuring lovely vocals by Nikki Israel) and “Pumpkins and Lollipops” will be your favorites. So – when you can – sit back, pop in those headphones, and enjoy the full attention to detail found within this album. You won’t regret it. 

Written by Natalie Elena

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