“Today’s Generation” by Robin Shaw

Have you felt weary about today’s headlines? It’s okay to admit that, with all that has occurred recently, it’s hard to stay positive. The Internet allows us to explore more of the world than ever before, and with that freedom comes an overwhelming amount of darkness. From the amount of life changing events that have occurred within the last 2 years, musical artist Robin Shaw was able to garner inspiration and release a song that not only acknowledges the challenges we face but promotes a message of hope and unity called, “Today’s Generation”.

When I first heard this song, I thought it might be another standard pop song; however, when the beat kicked in, I was surprised to hear what Robin was singing about. He touched upon contemporary and current topics that trouble today’s generation through a classic hip-hop beat and cleverly written rap lyrics. 

Inspired by the headlines, Shaw’s song was not written overnight. It took him 2 years to complete this song. Starting in 2019, pre- pandemic, Shaw watched as political movements rose and fell, environmental issues worsened, and serious current affairs like the Russo-Ukrainian War were brought to the public’s eye. With the amount of overwhelmingly dismal headlines, Robin felt that a song like this one would be perfect to rally the people and highlight the message that despite all the adversity, we must keep hope alive. And, with this message, I agree. 

Creative storytelling is at the forefront of Robin’s music. Though the instrumental backing for “Today’s Generation” may be simple with a clean beat, bassline, and guitar riff, this is done with the purpose of focusing on the lyrics. Storytelling is the main focus. Sharing relatable experiences that connect with people around the world is Shaw’s goal, and, with “Today’s generation”, I believe that goal will be achieved. 

Written by Natalie Elena





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