“Alforgetti Spaghetti” by Pip

When it comes to music, I often find myself falling back on old, familiar songs yet longing for something to spark my interest. While stuck in this predicament, I was pleasantly surprised to come across the song, “Alforgetti Spaghetti”. From the title, I didn’t know what to expect, yet, from the start, I was caught in a musical curiosity. If you have been daydreaming, or feeling nostalgic, this may be the perfect song to listen to. The creative minds behind the piece go by Pip, and they capture what it feels like to ride the reminiscent wave of youth through this upbeat, bedroom-pop release. 

Found in Birmingham, this UK based genre-bending group is a perfect find for fans of Hippo Campus, Crumb, and anyone enamored with the reminiscent, alt-pop sound. When listening to this single, you wouldn’t think that this is Pip’s debut, as “ALforgetti Spaghetti”  is very polished and well-balanced – signs of a well-produced song with impressive attention to detail. 

The song starts with a distant, almost weary female vocal and a mellow acoustic guitar progression before introducing a strong, percussive beat that leads into a more full, confident sound. This transition is one of many that highlights this band’s ability to seamlessly flow between genres. Expanding from an indie bedroom sound to more of an alternative progression, Pip adds a plethora of well-timed cymbals to incorporate a jazz feel into the already musically creative piece.

What really drew me into this song was the bittersweet, relatable story found within the lyrics. With poetically emotive phrases such as “still you hoped it would rain so that my cup would feel plenty again”, the song takes the listener on a musical journey. In 3 minutes, this song leaves you feeling fulfilled and yet longing to listen to it once more. If you are looking for a song that creatively covers a variety of your favorite genres like Alternative, Indie, Pop, and Jazz, “Alforghetti Spaghetti”  is what I recommend.  

Written by Natalie Elena





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