“Kiss Me Sober” by Fran Lusty

London, UK based indie singer-songwriter Fran Lusty’s “Kiss Me Sober” brings you in with its soft, easy-listening qualities. The song is perfect for sunrise, sunset, or a rainy day. Fran Lusty’s music has been described as “dreamlike yet immersive,” certainly an accurate description of “Kiss Me Sober.” 

The song follows the story of a pair who meet the end of their relationship after drunken night together. The narrator realizes that she must move on from the relationship for her own good, because the other half isn’t putting in the same love or effort. She hopes that the other half will step up and pull her back: ““Give me home, don’t leave me tripping.” However, this never happens, and what the pair shared comes to a close. 

The single’s art depicts a figure with a sunflower for a head in front of a river, staring into the horizon. Though the art feels solemn, the bright yellow notes of the sunflower in the center call to mind hope. This mirrors the themes of the track where the narrator is mourning the loss of the relationship, but knows she is doing what is ultimately best for her in the long run. 

“Kiss Me Sober” is a sad love song, with a distinctly British, indie pop sound that’s almost reminiscent of the very earliest Ed Sheeran, like “Give Me Love.” Though the song was released on April 15th, 2022, the track feels distinctly autumnal; it feels as if it should come with leaves crunching under your feet as you walk away from your ex’s house. 

We thoroughly enjoyed “Kiss Me Sober”— be sure to check out Fran Lusty’s other releases. 





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