“Sour” by Tabi Kate

Tabi Kate is an incredibly talented singer based out of the United Kingdom. “Sour” is her third release and maybe the catchiest to date. Atmospheric synths kick the song off, setting the foundation for Kate’s fun vocals. Easily floating over the groovy instrumental, her presence was awesome and a large reason “Sour” is as enjoyable as it is.

I loved how well the different moods flowed and evolved. What started as an atmospheric and introspective track quickly morphed into a catchy pop tune. Not only that, but it did so in a catchy and effortless way. It allowed the different energies to stand out while still feeling cohesive. Even through the transitions Tabi Kate would complement the instrumental while taking “Sour” in a new yet familiar direction.

Another aspect I found delightful was the contrast between the vibe of the song and the content matter of the lyrics. While the instrumental and vocal melodies were undeniably optimistic, lyricism painted a much darker picture of lies and deceit. Light delivery made for an incredibly enjoyable listening experience that was bolstered by the vulnerability Tabi Kate displayed. An absolutely lovely listening experience that will make you feel and much as it will make you want to dance. 

Both complex and easy to listen to, “Sour” is an incredibly well rounded song. It perfectly captures the difficult emotions that come along with difficult relationships in a cool and approachable way. It’s never easy to create a song that people want to listen to, but to do so with your heart on full display is even more impressive.

“Sour” by Tabi Kate is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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