“Echo” by electronic pop artist Maya Roxo grabs your attention with “Echo.” She jumps right to the chase, cutting to the action of the track. 

The song is most clearly characterized by its powerful, euphoric, anthemic nature. The song starts big and stays big, rapidly crescendoing at the end to sound even more massive. “Echo” makes for the perfect song to belt when no one else is around. Its huge sound is reminiscent of dance pop artists like Sia. The track also possesses a distinctly alternative flavor that gives it a unique edge.

Other aspects of the song that clearly stand out are Roxo’s high falsetto. Her vocals are also clearly passionate, giving her work a sense of emotion and fervor that weaves through the entirety of the song. All in all, “Echo” makes for a cinematic, dramatic experience. Roxo cites Imagine Dragons as one of her biggest influences, and this is clear in “Echo,” with its glitchy and dramatic electronic sound. 

“Echo” worms into your ear in a way you just can’t forget. Throughout the hook and chorus of the song, Roxo proclaims, “I’ll be an echo, the only thing you hear.” This is certainly true, as it sticks with you once you’re done listening. 

Maya Roxo is based out of Liverpool, UK, and released “Echo” on April 15th, 2022. Formerly, she was known as Mazed. She preceded “Echo” with a handful of other singles since 2020, including “Only You and Me” and “This Is Your Faith”—be sure to check those out, and keep your eyes open for new releases on the horizon! 





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