“Let Me Go” by Ariel Rose

“Let Me Go” is the latest release from the Miami-based singer Ariel Rose. This awesome salsa-trap fusion is simply addictive. Powerful vocals set the high energy while the Latin production wedges the song deeply into your mind. Collaborating with Peruvian producer Tony Succar, Dominican rapper LORS, and critically acclaimed musician Kenyi there’s not a single moment that doesn’t impress.

Catchy and melodic chorus’ contrast the upbeat rap verse phenomenally. The rapid-fire, seamless transitions kept everything feeling fresh and new. Through every high and low there was consistent support and energy pushing everything forwards. It allowed Ariel Rose’s performance to stay highlighted without getting stale or losing its luster. 

One of the coolest parts of “Let Me Go” was the Spanish rap verse by LORS. It paired phenomenally with the Latin production and contrasted Rose awesomely. Even though my Spanish isn’t good (I’ll be the first to admit), the cadence was fun and suited the song’s flow excellently. When coupled with the cool horn lines and groovy percussion the result was unforgettable.

The cohesiveness of all the different voices was what really set “Let Me Go” apart from other new releases. Every new color in the texture fits in perfectly while expanding the vibe of the song. Each different voice was spotlighted at different points while supporting everything going on around them. From the beautiful pop vocals to the smallest of details in the instrumental, “Let Me Go” is full of highlights. Passionate performances all around make for a song that is incredibly fun to listen to.

“Let Me Go” by Ariel Rose is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts



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