“Your Text Here” EP by Greenscreen

Greenscreen is a side project of Chris Yonker of indie/alternative band Omni. The Atlanta, Georgia based group released their EP, “Your Text Here,” on April 5th, 2022. 

The EP’s cover art is a bright, eye-catching yellow depicting a pair of metal daises. The color is fitting for the first song, a catchy, fairly fast-paced and thoroughly lovable number entitled “Lemonade.” The EP slowed down on the next track, entitled, “Boring.” These tracks were followed by the swingy, groovy “Dom,” which made you unable to resist nodding your head and swaying your hips. The final track is “Danny,”a lilting, dreamy number that you can float along with. All together, it makes for a refreshing, enjoyable listen that’s not quite like anything you’ve heard before, but reminds you of just enough things you love. 

“Your Text Here” is characterized by its jazzy, addictive saxophone breakdowns, synths and other unique sounds produced by the group and their instruments. Bandcamp cites Greenscreen as a seven-piece, enabling them to create complex, catchy songs you have to get just another taste of. It’s also marked by the vocal inflection reminiscent of 80s pop through a strange, catchy plasticky filter. The band is classified as a mix of art rock, indie, disco, and electronic pop. Certain parts of the EP felt dreamy and shoegaze-influenced to me; though this could be heard throughout the album, it particularly stood out to me on the track “Danny.” 

Greenscreen describe themselves as “Weird enough to capture your attention,” a descriptor that’s certainly accurate. The “Your Text Here” EP certainly caught mine—we’re definitely looking forward to more releases from Greenscreen! 





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