“Pit A Pat,” from pop artist Suchii immediately pulls you in with its addictive catchiness, passionate vocals, and the way it makes you want to move. Suchii, a brand new artist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, released the track on April 7th, 2022. 

This track is super catchy and bound to make you want to dance. Even after just a few seconds, you can’t get it out of your head. It’s sure to earn a spot on your next workout playlist! There are obvious tones of disco in the song; it’s easy to picture a group of ladies from the 80s taking a Jazzercise class to this track. “Pit A Pat,” though, holds a more modern EDM twist to make it fresh for the times. 

In the words of Suchii, the song “captures that feeling of ambivalence you have about hating your ex but remembering all the good times.” This feeling is encapsulated in the song’s chorus: “Pit a pat, pit a pat, my heart go boom, hate that super cheesy face those eyes are doom.” Despite the upbeat feeling of the song, the emotion held in the vocals reflects the more melancholy themes of the song. It’s easy to picture the narrator having his heartstrings tugged at seeing the face of someone he used to love when the relationship is long expired. 

The minimalist album art reflects this feeling of heartache; it pictures a black broken heart on a bright red background, alongside the single’s name and the artist’s name. 

“Pit A Pat” is Suchii’s debut track—we’re looking forward to more ultra-catchy, can’t get it out of your head singles from Suchii! 

Photo credit Rogeno Malone 





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