“Don’t Mind the Rain” by Chris D’Agostino

Chris D’Agostino, an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Boston, puts his own spin on the classic song “Don’t Mind the Rain” with his new single. With unique changes to the lyrics and instrumentation, D’Agostino’s take on “Don’t Mind the Rain” is refreshing and inspiring. 

The original song was released in 1924, and D’Agostino does a great job of modernizing the song without losing sight of the core themes. The hopeful and optimistic outlook of “Don’t Mind the Rain” provides a lovely message that everyone can apply to their lives. 

“Make sure your heart’s still beating in a world that’s fleeting.” Rain is inevitable, as are rough patches and hard times in our lives. But as long as you’re breathing, things can (and usually will) turn around. D’Agostino wants to give a reminder that your time in the world is already short, and it’s pointless to spend it complaining about things that don’t truly matter. Rain is inconvenient sometimes, but it’s brief and harmless- so “don’t mind the rain!”

The rain is “bound to clear up” and your life is bound to do the same. D’Agostino’s warm vocals easily bring a smile to your face, and the upbeat piano melodies are sure to put a spring in your step. This metaphor comparing life to rain can help shift things into a more positive perspective, and the passion and joy in D’Agostino’s vocals inspire you to try it. “Don’t Mind the Rain” is the perfect song to get you to start your day with an optimistic mindset. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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