“Misty Rain” by Will Spencer

Folk singer-songwriter Will Spencer’s latest track, “Misty Rain,” is a song that so beautifully encapsulates the crushing feelings of loneliness and depression. Beginning with quiet drumming, subtle strumming of the guitar, and Will’s raspy yet delicate voice, a somber feeling quickly takes over the listener’s mind; just as Will Spencer’s painful voice describes this terrible feeling, the listener is right there with him.

“Misty Rain” is the first single off Spencer’s upcoming debut EP, which will be an undeniable folk music journey. “Misty Rain” sets the tone for the EP, which is guaranteed to be a beautiful, musical dream; something extraordinary about Spencer’s songs is that one can tell it is deep-rooted in a love for music. Each piece has its own profound meaning and meaningful lyrics.

Spencer’s lyrics in “Misty Rain” are about that feeling of being numb and depressed, even though everything else in life seems to be going right. For Spencer, a way to make himself feel lighter and less in the dark was writing this song and writing in general. That’s how you know when music is exceptional when it heals even the musician himself. 

Will Spencer began his musical journey as part of the funk-rock band ‘Hyrus.’ In this band, Spencer toured all around London, creating a dedicated fan base for the group. Eventually, Spencer was ready to turn his passion into work and left the band to start his journey as a solo musician. 

Keep a lookout for Spencer’s “Misty Rain” and any other upcoming music, as he is truly like nothing else in music right now!

Photo credits: Will Spencer

Written by Melissa Cusano

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