“Drifting” by Antisolar

Antisolar is a duo that has been together for almost two decades, they consist of Olivier Raynal and Andrew Doolittle. Although they live about 5,500 miles apart, that hasn’t stopped the musical and personal growth. Olivier is based in Paris and Andrew is based in Los Angeles….Antisolar is them sharing the music they’ve written together over the years.

According to Oliver and Andrew, “Drifting” is an intense rock song about Andrew’s best friend’s descent into meth addiction. The song is written from the perspective of his best friend’s wife, who persistently tried to rescue the relationship even as the chasm between them became insurmountable. When an artist makes a powerful song it’s hard to ignore it and not immediately fall in love with the song. That is exactly what happens when you listen to “Drifting”. This song will transport you into the mind of a woman who is in pain and it will just rip your heart out.

Antisolar is no stranger to producing hit songs and “Drifting” will be no different. The longing for the person you feel in love with is felt in this song, wanting them to come back and knowing that may never happen. That feeling is hard to put into a song but Antisolar was able to pour all emotions into “Drifting”.

Antisolar is going to be a group that you will want to love and can’t help but to enjoy. The duo is making powerful songs that you can possibly relate to and they play with many of your emotions. You will love them.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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