“PK ALL DAY” by Pats, The Kyd

Canadian artists Pats and The Kyd have just released long awaited album, “PK ALL DAY”. With over 30,000 listeners between the two of them it’s no wonder why everyone has be wanting to listen to the album. The album was released just 11 days ago on April 13th and it’s already receiving over 40,000 listens on their top songs.

Pats is a hip hop artist that was born in the small town of Chatham, ON and is now living in Vancouver. He started rapping in 2012 when he was senior in high school, it all started after a tech project turned into a mixtape. The KYD is a rapper also from Chatham, Canada and currently based in London, Ontario. He started getting into rapping initially in the later days of high school after a friend recommended they try freestyling one rainy day when they couldn’t go out skating.

Self titled “PK All Day” starts the album off, it’s the third ranked song off the album. It’s clear why, this the perfect party song, drinking at a house party from a red solo cup and just vibing with friends. As you hear “PK ALL DAY” in the back you won’t be able to stop yourself from chanting along with the guys.

As you get about halfway through the album you come across an old skool song that you feel like you know. it instantly makes you feel nostalgic, as you listen to Pats rap about his feelings in “Better Times” you understand why 15,000 people have listened to this song. The relatably is unmatched.  

Get ready to get out your seats and start dancing because “Mad Hatter” is going to have you going crazy. The beat is sick and the rhymes are even better, the lyrics with the beat is a perfect combination for the duo to just absolutely kill it. The more you hear “Mad Hatter” the more you love it….”rap game on a sedative”.

The top song off “PK ALL DAY” is “Line ‘Em Up”, and get ready to hear the two guys just go hard with the rhymes. Starting off with bars with no regards to anyone around them, the two will have you going insane with the boys. This is the song you start the party off with and the song you play to keep the party going. They keep the music fun yet serious and that is something to be appreciated.

They have already gained a huge fan base and it’s not hard to see why. Pats and The Kyd are two dudes you just don’t want to mess with. Their rhymes and beats are something to be desired, it’s hard not to love these guys.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Pats Musik


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