Artist Interview: “OSP” by OSP

Q: The overall vibe of ‘OSP’ is so exhilarating; it’s the ultimate party EP, destined to make anyone nod their head to the infectious beats of each song! What was your favorite part of creating this EP?

OSP: Getting back to business. We’d all missed the vibe and energy of creating together, and now that we’re on the other side of our hiatus, we’re older, wiser, and even better at what we do. So getting back in the studio and bouncing ideas off one another was a real joy!

Q: I love how each track has a different vibe; “Breathe” has a hard-hitting hip hop feeling to it, while the following track “Fill It Up” has an extreme club vibe. What are you hoping listeners take from this EP?

OSP: That we are versatile, highly skilled, and very serious about our craft. We also hope that our positive nature and ability to deliver a meaningful message whilst having fun and making your head bop will shine through, and overall the fact that we represent something. We’d like to think listeners will be intrigued to learn more about us, as people as well as musicians.


Q: How is the music scene in Reading, United Kingdom?

OSP: Constantly evolving! Although it’s not a massive town, there really are hidden pockets of talent in every corner here.


Q: What was the inspiration behind “OSP”? 

OSP: The initial inspiration came from a collaboration of the four of us and a good friend, Ezra. We made a track together (Island) and wanted to do more. The series of events that followed made it clear that this had to happen, even down to how we found our name (that’s a story for another time!), and as we’ve known each other for so long it was more like forming a brotherhood than a band, one where we can collectively share our life stories with you all.


Q: Have you performed this EP to an audience yet? If so, what is your favorite song to perform?

OSP: We have, and by far our favourite track to perform is Fill It Up. The response we get from that is always high energy!


Q: I read that this EP was eight years in the making! Can you walk me through your creative process in making “OSP”; when did you guys realize it was finally finished and ready to share with the world?

OSP: It’s actually 8 years ago that we formed, the EP was made in much less time. But we knew since we began in 2014 that OSP was ready to share with the world.


Q: The EP is so genre-fusing; elements of hip-hop, trap, pop, and R&B are heard. Who are your biggest musical influences?

OSP: We’re all influenced by different things, this is why our sound has so many elements to it. Collectively our biggest influences are Dancehall, Grime, Reggae, Hip Hop, and RnB (golden era).


Q: Any parting words to your fans?

OSP: Thanks for rocking with us thus far and staying with us, ’cause we have a lot more to share with you!

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Interviewed by Melissa Cusano

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