“Found” by Carmen & Chris Venus

“Found” is a chillingly introspective release by the Jacksonville-based duo Carmen and Chris Venus. Brutally honest verses are interspersed with gorgeous choruses that run through your head for hours. Supported by a cool and relaxing instrumental there truly wasn’t a moment that wasn’t awesome.

The complexity of love is hard to capture. Sometimes it burns with passion, while at others it’s just a reassuring thought. Not only that, but it consumes you – so losing it is as terrifying as it is depressing. “Found” did a great job painting both the excited energy and whatever the bleak alternative looks like. Hesitant verses discuss this exactly, knowing that chances are it won’t work out so do you still want to try?

Sounding almost like a release from artists like Mick Jenkins or Ameer Vann, “Found” struck a perfect balance between catchy raps and vulnerable introspection. An awesome song for anything from going for a run to late-night smoke sessions. The duo complements one another phenomenally. Passionate performances from both parties make everything unforgettable.

With gorgeous guitar lines and synth pads providing support in the instrumental the relaxed vocals never struggle to be heard. Chopped vocal lines give a modern touch while the easy-going drums give it an almost nostalgic feel. The diverse texture was constantly growing and expanding the vibe of the song without ever losing that core sound. Carmen and Chris Venus have been working together behind the scenes for over a decade, with “Found” is their first collaborative song released together. The duo’s chemistry is undeniable and is a large part of why “Found” was as great as it was.

“Found” by Carmen & Chris Venus is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts



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