“Frontline” by Lorraine Bautista

Lorraine Bautista is an incredibly talented RnB singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles. On her latest release, “Frontline”, delicate vocals pair beautifully with an upbeat, yet chill instrumental. Produced by Gary Jones and SOSDynamikz who created the rhythms, this release is unforgettable. From the rolling hi-hats to the gorgeous lyricism it’s the details that went into the song that really makes it a stand-out release. No matter what type of music you enjoy, “Frontline” is bound to find its way onto some of your favorite playlists.

“Frontline” draws much of its cool energy from the chill instrumental. Led by break-neck percussion and dizzying bass it supports the easy-going vocals and allows them to soar. The morphing texture twists and evolves adding to the colorful texture and keeping every new phrase feeling fresh. Not only did it fill out the texture but allowed Bautista’s vocals the freedom to contribute however the vibe called for. When paired with the song’s vulnerable lyricism it was chilling.

What kept me coming back to this stellar release was how different every new listen felt. Sometimes the dizzying bass lines were the focal point, while at others relaxed vocals would paint a picture over the texture. No matter what voice you pay attention to it’s interesting and exactly what the song calls for. A song that is as beautiful and catchy as it is intricate. Another easily overlooked detail was how well these voices stood out from one another yet still blended. The great mixing job helped every performance pop, bringing the already awesome song to the next level.

“Frontline” by Lorraine Bautista is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts



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