“Son of a Gun” by DSP Band

Photo Credit: Per Øyvind Mathisen

If there is one thing you want in a song, it’s for it to grab you by the collar and hold you for dear life. That’s exactly what happens at the press of play on “Son of a Gun” by DSP Band aka Down South Pepper Band. This is a song that comes at you full force on every level from the music to the lyrical content, this is one that you know gets a crowd to go wild. 

Let’s start with the lyrics because while there is darkness to them, DSP Band knows how to make light of them with a mixture of humor and grace. Yes, dad wasn’t the best but hey, we’ll miss the son of a gun when he’s six feet under. This is the type of music that reminds me of my mom; a woman who says it like it is – no matter what and I appreciate that. Which, I can’t be the only one. “Son of a Gun” has this countryfied spirit to it that, again, will leave crowds hooting and hollering for more. I could see DSP Band rocking this out everywhere from your local dive bars to a big ol’ county fair stage. 

“Son of a Gun” is Down South Pepper Band’s first single of 2022. It follows a few from last year, including “Coming Back to Town,” and a whole lot more as DSP Band has been cranking out outlaw country for almost a decade now. So if you’re a fan of country music and a good time, make sure to check out “Son of a Gun” and more from DSP Band on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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