“Rocky Mountain” by Mari

Picture yourself staring at a beautiful, rugged mountain towering ahead of you. Now, picture yourself climbing it. The fear pulsing as your hands pull you higher; the adrenaline rushing through your blood as you look down; the feeling of both invincibility and vulnerability clashing together. All of these feelings can be found in the musical piece, “Rocky Mountain”. This song is an ethereal 4-minute hybrid of Electropop, Indie Rock, and Drum & Bass genres that touches upon what it feels like to face an obstacle of beauty and fear, and to overcome it. 

Produced and recorded in her own bedroom studio, the young, london-based artist, Mari, masterfully brings a new sound to the Electropop scene. Combining a darker, indie vocal track with heavy drums and a distorted bassline, you can feel the looming, ethereal journey waiting ahead. And not only does Mari tell an enticing story throughout the song but the story behind its creation also peaks interest. 

 Like the title of the song, Mari cites a mountaineering card displayed on her bedroom wall as the inspiration behind the hybrid electro beat. The card, which reads, “Life is a bit like mountaineering, never look down” painted an image in the young artist’s mind of an immense, dangerous, yet enticing mountain. This mountain, she states, immediately drew a connection in her mind to the risks and rewards found when pursuing your passion, following your intuition, and listening to your heart. If you listen closely, that is exactly the message delivered in the song. With lyrics such as “Rocky mountain you’ve got the power in your hands don’t you know / but I’m so frightened, so tell me the secret to letting me go”, Mari’s words highlight the fear and adrenaline one may find when taking risks to pursue the thing they love. And, afterall, aren’t we all trying to find our own rocky mountain to climb?

Written by Natalie Elena



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