“My Time” by Maijah

“My Time” by Maijah is confident, slightly vengeful, powerfully performed, and produced with mastery. Listening to it was genuinely enjoyable. Look out for Maijah, because she has the voice and the resolution for success.

The production is probably the most fascinating thing about this song. The instrumentation choices are unexpected, but so gratifying. Distorted string synths open the song in conjunction with a high-pitched, twinkling piano. These two sounds meld together in such a way that it’s almost impossible to tell them apart. The warm, gritty sound of the synth swirls into the bright, plinking piano to create this indescribable, perfectly balanced tone. At another point in the song, an overdriven guitar strums building power chords, while a seemingly live drum kit provides the rhythm. The background bleeds rock while the vocals belt a distinctly pop melody. Later on, the live drums are traded for a tight, hi-hat-driven trap beat. The genre ebbs and flows with the instrumentation, giving the song flexibility and interest. Bits and pieces of it call on different moods, eras, and references. 

The vocals are also, in large part, why this song works so well. Maijah is highly versatile, at some points softly crooning and at others belting high-pitched runs. She showcases her rhythmic abilities often, using hard consonants to shape quickfire melodies. Her background vocals elevate everything she sings, sometimes occurring in tandem with her lead vocals, and other times acting as a call and response. Her voice acts less as a vessel for a song, and more as the centerpiece itself. Hearing any section of this song, it’s impossible to deny that Maijah is a talented singer.    

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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