“Nameless” by Mishell Ivon

“Nameless” by Mishell Ivon is perfect for any Lady Gaga or Madonna fan. This electropop banger hosts pulsating synths, repetitive, reverb-y chants, and all the vocal harmonies you could ever want. Take out your headphones and clear your throats because singing along is inevitable.

An ominous, ethereal incantation introduces this song. The bright yet covered voice echos into the almost empty track, beckoning the oncoming verse. A simple, electronic drum groove trickles in as the melody begins. The words flow by with precise, ornate rhythms. The synths swell with satisfying non-diatonic chords. Every piece of this feels danceable, exciting, and overall well-done.

The chorus comes in: “Nameless, though in my mind we’re almost famous.” There’s a fierceness to these words, yet they still feel a bit anguished. This air of striving also bleeds into the music, as the beat becomes more intense and grooving. The harmonies match each word and form this beautiful density. All of this comes together to make the chorus by far the catchiest and most memorable section of the song. It’s one of those hooks you’ll hum for days afterward.

The second verse and chorus sport some key differences, including a few high-pitched belts and a tasteful tempo change or two. However, the outro is where all the new stuff happens. The accompaniment gets washy and dynamic while several vocals overlap, creating this swirling, crowded effect. As this fades away 2 vocals are left: one singing and the other speaking each line. This gloriously melodramatic technique climaxes in one final utterance of the word, “famous.” And just like that, the glamorous, dance-pop track ends in the only way it could–with drama.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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