“This Love (feat. Dewaan)” by FiDA

“This Love (feat. Dewaan)” by FiDA is the multilingual banger you’ve been looking for. Complete with artful vocal effects, clever pop melodies, and a soulful, husky vocal tone, the first half of this track screams gen-z pop anthem. However, just when you think you know where it’s going, Dewaan comes in with a verse in Hindi. This injects the track with something unique, taking the sound from western pop to somewhat of a cultural fusion.

The verse lyrics come in pretty much immediately, accompanied by a buzzing synth bass. The vocals have that edited and pitched sound to them, gliding from note to note robotically–and yet, they still sound organic. Autotune and vocal smoothing work as they were intended to work in this tune. They’re just tasteful effects, never detracting from the vocalists natural tone. A higher voice fills in the treble space, perfectly in time with the original vocals. Then suddenly, the production dwindles while the singer chimes, “How could you say I was lost, I was absent?” only to ramp up with some pulsating tremolo. 

As the chorus ends, an invigorating, syncopated drum groove kicks in. Dewaan enters, altering the vocal style completely. With microtonal runs and rapid register changes, his vocals add musical interest. The original vocalist joins Dewaan for a few phrases, and then the chorus returns. The music then takes a pause–fully cutting every noise for an entire measure. The listener is on the edge of their seat, considering the song may actually be over, when the beats suddenly bursts back into life. A tuneful bridge takes the stage, followed by one last chorus to conclude the piece.

Take a listen to “This Love (feat. Dewaan)” if you’re interested in a pop song with a twist. FiDA clearly has, skill, style, and volumes of creativity. You won’t be disappointed!  

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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