“DEMON” by Pariz ft Go Hard and Milano The Don

“DEMON” is Texas based producer Pariz, latest song, he teams up with Canadian based producer Go Hard & New Jersey based rapper Milano The Don. Pariz is a twenty two year and based in Ft. Worth, TX who loves to take elements from his favorite genres and artists then combines them together to make his own sound and unique style. Go Hard is from Toronto, Canada and specializes in constantly pushing the boundaries of the heavier bass side of EDM. Milano The Don, is a New Jersey based rapper and producer, who is known for his hard, aggressive lyrics and rap on bass heavy hitters.

Are you ready to break your neck….well you better grab a neck brace because “Demon” is sure to bring out your inner demon. This isn’t the first time Pariz has gone hard but it does seem to be one of his first times to do a release that is dark as well. Having Go Hard and Milano The Don on the track has brought Pariz to a new level of EDM.

This is the kind of song you instantly make a stank face to, this harder and darker side of Pariz is something to be desired. You won’t be able to stop yourself from head banging, stank facing and rail breaking, the collaboration between the three was something the world needed.

Pariz, Go Hard and Don The Milano are all talented individually and together, they have created something that is impossible to love.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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