“This is What You Wanted” by Bohardt

“This is What You Wanted” by Bohardt is a The Weeknd fan’s dream. With its quick-paced synth lines and 80s vocal production, it has the perfect modern-vintage fusion. If you’re looking for a new song to dance to, this could be the one!

The intro gives us a taste of the chorus motifs and groove, but suddenly drops to just a synth bass and kick drum for the verse. Bohardt’s voice rings out with short, staccato syllables, complimenting the legato bass. A tight, electric drum fill pushes the second half of the verse into something a little funkier. A vibrant keyboard riff flutters underneath, with an almost reversed sound.

The pre-chorus shifts everything into congruence with the melody. The lyrics fly by in brisk sixteenth notes, and the drums and bass follow suit. A robust lower harmony strengthens the line, propelling the song into the chorus. Suddenly, the intro groove explodes back into the mix. Bohardt wails, “This is what you wanted,” and the purpose of the song is fulfilled. Everything falls into place like clockwork. The catchiness of this section can’t be understated.

After another verse and chorus, the bridge pops in with a slew of repeating vocal samples. Bohardt utilizes his lower range here, injecting the song with a warmer, more intimate moment. The chorus motif slowly reenters, and then bursts back in with full force, finishing the song off with a solo recital of the tagline.

“This is What You Wanted” will doubtlessly scratch the itch you have for an 80s pop throwback. It’s overflowing with smart production tricks, vocal mastery, and innate musical choices.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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