“The Things We Learn In Books” by Mules

Four piece band Mules consider themselves a heavy post-punk band that comes from Brighton. The group consists of vocalist and songwriter Tommy Vincent, guitarist Louis May, bassist Mark Conford and Sam Luck as the drummer. Tommy describes his lyrics as political but not proselytising, and they’re personal, but there are no love songs. Most of his work reflects his interest in cultural hegemony, systems of disciplinary power and control, and the desire to break free from the norms and conventions foisted upon us by capitalism.

Their first single “Clapping For Carers”, got a lot a traction and you should expect no less from their latest single “The Things We Learn In Books”. A complicated yet simple song about heartbreak, a thing that no one can teach you about, something you can only learn from experience. No one said it was going to be fun.

Mules does a great job at making you feel less alone, it’s easy to feel stupid after your first heartbreak and sometimes it’ll never get easier. “The things we learn in books, don’t teach us about heartbreak.” Just a powerful line, because no matter how much you learn about it and how many books you read, doesn’t mean you know everything.

“The Things We Learn In Books” is such a fun and depressing song, that you can’t help but to love. They truly are a heavy post punk band, which is sometimes hard to make work but Mules does it with no problem. They will be a band that you can’t help but to have on repeat.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Kirsty Levett





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