“Without You” by Alexandra Younes

 Some of the best songs come from an artist’s personal experiences. As a result, this makes an artist and his or her music more relatable. Singer-songwriter Alexandra Younes addresses her experience with heartbreak in the single “Without You.”

“Without You” begins with the soft, gentle strumming of an acoustic guitar and it accompanies the soft vocals of Alexandra Younes. Backing vocals enter the composition during the back end of the verse adding a layer of harmony. The chorus is livelier in terms of sound as Alexandra’s vocals become louder and the drums and electric guitar make their debut. The lyrics convey the story of a breakup between Younes and her lover. At first, Younes is in a state of shock that the relationship is over, but then she comes to the realization that the breakup is for the best. “Never thought that we’d be saying we’re through/You picked up my pieces just to throw them away/Don’t even wanna try to convince you to stay.” Despite her feelings of anger Alexandra offers a glimmer of hope in trying to move on. “I don’t know how, but I’ll figure this out/Without you.” When the chorus is sung for the last time, the drums and electric guitar briefly drop out, and the acoustic guitar comes back in. The composition ends with Alexandra showcasing her powerful vocals as she sings some very high notes.

Alexandra Younes is based in Sydney, Australia and she has been making music since 2017. Younes released an EP titled Head Held High in 2019 and she is quickly making a name for herself.


Written by Brittany Jennings 




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