“Retrograde” by Redhanded

Have you been on the hunt for some headbangin’ songs to jam to? If so, I found the album for you! Redhanded’s “Retrograde”, which was released on April 22nd of this year, is already turning heads and is surely going to rise to great heights in the Rock World.

Brimming with potential, this 10 piece collection of songs from the UK-based band, is explosive in its percussion, enticing with its growling basslines, and absolutely killer with its shredding guitar solos and husky, enticing vocals.

Within “Retrograde” is a diversity of songs ranging from heavy metal to instrumental melodic blues. The first song, ‘The Circle’ greets you perfectly with a distorted guitar progression before unveiling an intense, powerful drum beat and slithering bassline. Right away, you know Redhanded means business. The lyrics are vivacious and passionate, consistent with other songs heard throughout the rock genre; however, listeners will be surprised at the softer tone Redhanded turns to about halfway through. Leading the listeners through a musical journey in the first song alone, the band shows you that they are more than just a rock band; They are an artistic force to be reckoned with. 

A few songs after ‘The Circle’ comes a striking gong sound. Catching the listener off-guard, ‘Dead in the Water’ brings about an alluring soundscape with its marching beat, dark, brazen guitar riffs, and captivating, siren-like vocals. This song builds a sturdy, musically-sound ship through perfectly layered instrumentation before taking you through an unrelenting, sonic sea of raspy vocals and eerie harmonies. 

Although this band is still relatively fresh (starting as a group of friends getting together to play 90’s covers in 2015), this 4-piece independent rock band from London, comprising of Sohail Ajaz (Vocals), Faizan Baig (Guitars), Adil Azim (Bass) and Saif Malik (drums) has since gathered a formidable following in their short period of performing. And, I must say that, with the impeccable blending of each instrument and the polished production of each song, a growing crowd was sure to gather around this group. Each song carries with it both creativity and raw intensity. From the inclusion of a snippet from Robert Kennedy’s emotionally-intense “On The Mindless Menace of Violence” speech in their song ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ to the warping sound of ‘Firefight’, Redhanded delivers a different message with each tune and brings listeners through a unique soundscape each time– making it impossible to walk away empty minded. 

Whether it be the softer, rock ballad with lyrics like “as the world fades away” or the brash, unapologetic alternative rock as heard in ‘Exit’, the dynamic range and genre-crossing sound of Redhanded will send you head-first into the deep, dark realms of Rock. If you are a fan of Metallica, Pink Floyd, Bush, and or Three Days Grace, then Redhanded’s debut album, “Retrograde” is the album for you!


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