“Foster” by Collective Fear

Los Angeles-based Collective Fear aka solo band member, Michael Guerard is a mix of alternative music. He says he ranges from synthpop and electro to 80s-inspired post-punk and shoegaze. Collective Fear independently released a number of singles over the past year that showcase his ability to bend genres, these songs were born from the boredom of isolation and the desire to push the limits of songwriting and production.

Collective Fear has released long awaited EP “Foster”, the artist has been teasing his fans with his releases such as “Victimless Crime”. Leaving you all wanting more and more.

“White Gloves” starts off Collective Fear’s new EP “Foster”. According to Michael, the track will take the listener on an expansive journey of dreamy guitars, hard-hitting riffs, and contemplative vocals while maintaining an atmosphere that begs a crowd to sing along. Once you start the song, you instantly drift off to dreamland. The song takes you out of your brain and on a trip.

“Victimless Crime” was the only single to be released from Collective Fear before the EP was released. This particular song shows the heavier side of Collective Fear, with drums that won’t quit, you’ll find yourself doing a mild head bag.

The EP is perfect for a sad day in your bedroom, a rainy day, or late night/early morning drives. “Thanksgiving Day” closes the EP “Foster”, this slow melodic song will have you shedding a few tears. Collective Fears music makes you feel nostalgic, it sort of transports you to early/mid 2000s, when music just felt different.

You can’t help but to love what Michael has done with Collective Fear, he is a artist that you will want to continuously play on repeat. Although his music is on the sadder side, he has a way of making you feel happy as well. Collective Fear is an artist you don’t want to miss out on.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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