“Transformation” by Mac Summer

Beautiful and atmospheric, “Transformation” is the latest release from Auckland-based producer Mac Summer. Intricate production greets you right out of the gate and set the song’s high-energy. Female vocals complement and contrast the busy instrumental phenomenally, helping every different voice cut through the texture.

Between the break-neck drum groove and powerful synths, the energy is tangible – never once slowing down or even losing that defining momentum. Despite how busy the texture is, many of the different voices are drones or held notes helping making everything deceptive in how complicated it sounds. When paired with the passionate vocals the result will send chills down your spine. “Transformation” will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens next.

Gorgeous melodies find different ways to entrance and envelop you. Whether the lead vocals or a synth in the background I loved how well the different voices and sounds carried the energy established in the beginning. The drive of the drums contrasted the otherwise atmospheric instrumental perfectly solidifying the intensity of “Transformation”.

From the first piano melody to the last synth pad, there’s always something interesting happening in the instrumental. Synthesizers of all sorts amp everything up and give the song its unique colors. When vocals first came in I was honestly surprised – as the instrumental was so diverse and interesting it could stand on its own. That being said, the contrasting vocals deepened and enriched everything about “Transformation”. An incredibly well made song that is totally worth the 4:22 it takes to listen to it!

“Transformation” by Mac Summer is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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