“Riding on the Valley” by Michael Sanders

Slick, cool and incredibly addictive indie rock that demands your attention from its opening bars, “Riding on the Valley” is a remarkable new single from Michael Sanders.

While rooted in a chilled-out psychedelia, Sanders’ sound houses incredibly fresh and current melodies that never fail to pull you in and keep you wanting more. “Riding on the Valley” features the indie rock originality found throughout all of Sanders’ discography while housing a more groove-based structure at its core. From the get-go the track knows exactly what it wants to be and succeeds in it wonderfully, pulsating with maturity and power from start to finish.

Sanders’ new album “While I’m Still Young” is based in losing one’s youth to a global pandemic. “Somehow time is moving so slowly but then you look back and remember you were two years younger when this started,” (Sanders). “Riding on the Valley” explores this existentialism with grace and poignant lyricism, never letting the topic slip from focus.

Lush production that allows Sander’s vocals to sit perfectly in the mix only adds to the song’s appeal. Strong performances and clever songwriting techniques paired with modern pop sensibilities mark “Riding on the Valley” as one of Sanders best. With a stunning discography already out and a new album on the way, this new track is the perfect introduction to Michael Sander’s unique and utterly captivating sound. Stream “Riding on the Valley” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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