“Anxiety” by Meghan Pulles

Anxiety is a truly upsetting and, at times, scary thing to live with; your feelings and emotions are telling you one thing when reality is telling you something completely different. As debilitating as this is, Meghan Pulles’ latest single, “Anxiety,” is a breath of fresh air in the music industry when tackling this taboo subject.

Pulles connects herself with the listener, as we can all relate to the crushing weight of anxiety. The song embodies an anxiety attack; Pulles slowly pulls herself out of it throughout the track, serving as a genuine connection between the listener and Pulles. 

During “Anxiety,” one can hear the worry in Pulles’ voice as she is describing an anxiety attack: trouble breathing, sweaty palms, and overall nervous energy. Through her lyrics, Pulles describes the feelings she goes through when experiencing an anxiety attack: “Starts to take over my mind; don’t want to keep it in my head.” As the chorus approaches, Pulles begins to try to combat her anxiety attack. Her angel-like voice with an overall calming aurora sings the lyrics, “So I take a breath and life flashes by; see if it will pass just for a while,” signifying the heaviness of anxiety and how it can embody itself in the physical form, even making someone physically sick.

The instrumental on “Anxiety” creates an overall alluring atmosphere, expressing the fact that anxiety always passes and it does get better. Pulles herself stated that she wrote the track while experiencing an anxiety attack, and the song became a bit of comfort for her.

“Anxiety” is the first single off Meghan Pulles’ upcoming EP, “Sighs of Her.” The EP will be available on all platforms on May 13th, 2022! 

Photo Credits: Jessica Safko

Written by Melissa Cusano

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