“Street Noise” by Tarn PK

Gorgeously dreamy indie pop with lush guitar work and genius lyricism, “Street Noise” is Tarn PK’s best song yet.

Based in Wellington, NZ Tarn PK is an artist/producer whose intimate lyricism and heartfelt melodies have garnered him a budding fanbase in an incredibly short span of time. Defined by his stripped back yet full soundscapes, Tarn PK explores elements of alt pop and hyper pop with maturity and grace, crafting an eclectic discography with each new single.

The first single of his upcoming debut album, “Street Noise” is a personal track that’s incredibly accessible and houses a bigger sound than we’ve previously heard. The single is also accompanied by an awesome music video that captures the subtle intensity of the track perfectly. Despite the clever lyricism and modern sensibilities, the most impressive aspect of Tarn PK’s new song is its ability to house everything we’ve grown to love from Tarn PK while show off his growth as a songwriter and storyteller.

Tarn PK spoke about the song below:

“On ‘Street Noise’ I really wanted to make a song that felt like a journey and took you from one place and left you at another. Mixing together bedroom pop, folk, alternative and then completely switching this in the bridge was something I’d always wanted to experiment with.”

An utterly fantastic new single that’s captivating with its sonic aestheticism, “Street Noise” is the perfect track to introduce you to Tarn PK’s unique sound. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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