“Crime Story” by Snakedoctors

A dark and magnetic new single from Snakedoctors sees the four-piece dive into their post punk roots with maturity and style.

The first single of their upcoming album “Four”, “Crime Story” is a new wave song that’s wonderfully mysterious and captivating. A song that explores the dark aspects of life, the lyrics are poignant and complimented perfectly by the chugging undercurrent of bass and atmosphere. The production is solid, letting the music breathe in all the right places while still feeling tight and organized.

Snakedoctors was formed by four friends in Gdansk, Poland in May 2020. Since then, the group have, incredibly, released 16 singles and three albums with many of them garnering significant radio play. Each single charted on Poland’s iTunes Rock Top 100 with many reaching number one. On top of this the band have collaborated with many well-known producers who worked with legends like Depeche Mode, The Cure and The Kinks.

Their latest track “Crime Story” houses all the great elements that made us fall in love with the guys while showing off their growth as songwriters and musicians. Exploring a wholly unique sonic landscape that pulls you in with its eerie warmth, Snakedoctors have created a viscerally stunning new vibe to fall in love with.

A stunning new song from a band that already has a masterful discography, there’s no better time to check Snakedoctors out. Stream “Crime Story” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman




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