“Amelia” by Cameron Alexander

Nashville’s own Cameron Alexander is a solo artist who does it all. “Amelia” is the newest single by the artist and he plays guitar, drums, bass, and also sings. Cameron Alexander is no stranger to success, he has appeared on Spotify Editorial playlist “Fresh Finds Rock”, 66o monthly Spotify listeners and 45,000 listens on the singles he has out.

Cameron describes Amelia as a classic yet adventurous summer pop-punk, screaming with the windows down, hopeless, recklessly romantic and anthem. “Amelia” also happens to be inspired by a real person named Amelia, whom Cameron Alexander had a crush on his senior year of high.

The energetic fun song is sure to have you out on the dance floor going crazy. This nostalgic song will make you feel like its mid 2000s and you’re waking up to get ready for school and watching MTV’s newest hits. “Amelia” is the love song and the breakup song of summer 2022.

You won’t be able to stop yourself from absolutely falling in love with “Amelia”, and you will become infatuated with Cameron Alexander. He is going to be one of the next top punk artists and “Amelia” will become a top pop punk song.

“I’ve always loved songs named after girls. I respect the dedication to naming a song after a real person because it just makes the stakes so much higher. That person knows without a doubt that you are singing about them, and they’re going to examine the song and its lyrics way more than any other song. So once I came up with the chorus for Amelia, I had to act on it. I wanted to make this song so good that she would think “Damn, I shouldn’t have let that guy get away.” -Cameron Alexander

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: @arloconsuelo.us





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