“Burnt Out” by PRTLND

Alternative rock solo artist PRTLND is clearly multi talented, he writes his own songs, plays the guitar, bass, and sings. He sometimes works with session drummer and other times the drums are either programmed. His new single “Burnt Out” was recorded in him home studio in Dublin, Ireland and was mixed by Nashville’s own Dylan Pines (www.dylanpines.com).

More often than not, you have been burnt out, could be from work, maybe from binging a tv too much or maybe a bad relationship. COVID made a lot of people realize that they have been burnt out from a lot. For PRTLND , “Burnt Out” was written while he was self-isolating during COVID. It brought him back to the feeling of being completely lonely while in a relationship. He further talks about how he could hear the voices and laughter of my family behind the door but couldn’t reach them or be with them.

Losing a love is what “Burnt Out” is about, you can feel the heartbreak in his voice and hear the heartbreak in his lyrics. This nostalgic grunge type song makes you feel less alone, the relatability that PRTLND provides is much needed.

Before the song is over, you’ll be obsessing over “Burnt Out” from PRTLND. You’re going to add it to your sad playlist and the nostalgia will kick in and you will just slowly fade out and vibe into the song. You won’t stop yourself from loving PRTLND.

“Burnt Out is a teenage breakup for grown-ups, it is a tale of lost love and wasted time” -PRTLND

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Ana Dorado – https://www.anadorado.ie/




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