“Last Night in Norwich” by The Chamberlains

Sydney based solo artist Mike Stephens is the sole member of The Chamberlains, an indie/alternative rock band. They describe their music as fuse loud and abrasive rock tone with darkly comic lyricism exploring the absurd and grotesque corners. When asked what inspired the new single “Last Night in Norwich, Mike said it was inspired by one of the most twisted chapters in American history and the 20th century.

When listening to “Last Night in Norwich” you can’t help but to feel like you are in a dark room and the green spotlight is on you. The song makes you feel isolated in a room full of people, it lets you just be with you and only you. The easy going song quickly becomes of your favorites after listening to it.

After the fourth time of playing “Last Night in Norwich”, you may realize you are a bit obsessed with The Chamberlains. No need to worry, with multiple releases out, you will fully be able to enjoy The Chamberlains as much as you’d like. As you journey through their music, you will quickly love to appreciate the work that goes into The Chamberlains.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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