“No Mistake” by Kelly Phoenix

Kelly Phoenix is a solo artist from Los Angeles, CA who has just released his first single “No Mistake”. This is a song that was built from a two year long toxic relationship, it was made out of frustration and anger. Kelly says he saw the and sad truth of the relationship and that helped shaped the song. “No Mistake” features Dakota Compain as the guitar soloist.

According to Kelly Phoenix, “No Mistake” is about a man realizing that the person he loved was actually not really serving him, that what they had was lust and not love and that through the fact that they didn’t understand each other they destroyed each other. When you’re in a toxic relationship sometimes it’s hard to see that. You get comfortable with the toxicity and start to think that it is normal.

Kelly Phoenix does an amazing job at making the song relatable, you feel less alone and less crazy after listening to “No Mistake”. This may be unlike his usual RnB and Soul but it is not unwanted. Kelly is showing off his variety of talents with “No Mistake”. This is a song that you won’t regret listening to.

After you hear “No Mistake” you are inevitably going to want more of Kelly Phoenix. You can stalk his social media while you wait for more released from him, no matter what he releases, you will love it.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Antoine Breton




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