“Next to Me” by Bekim!

90s pop and early 2000s r&B fans won’t get enough of Bekim!’s latest single, “Next to Me.” The track has an exhilarating beat, captivating melody, and alluring vocals, serving as the perfect company for anyone’s upcoming summer of 2022. The song will get any party starting with its jam-packed three minutes of never-ending thrill. 

“Next to Me” begins with a 90s-like beat; once vocals arrive, the song immediately turns into an r&b track. Once the chorus comes, the already addicting melody becomes more entrancing, bringing the listener even closer than before. Aside from the enthralling melody and enticing beat, longtime r&b and hip-hop fans will appreciate how Bekim! references other artists from whom he was influenced. When listening to the track, the lyrics “I’ve got love on it” resemble Luniz and Michael Marshalls’ 1995 hit “Got five on it”; throughout “Next to Me,” this 90s song is referenced in both lyrics and melody. Bekim!’s talent as a composer and producer is showcased flawlessly throughout “Next to Me.”

Bekim’s “Next to Me” never gets old for the listener, as it builds up its excitement throughout. It encompasses multiple genres, effortlessly switching from a 90s r&b track one minute to rap and pop the next, making for a truly unique track. Bekim!’s “Next to Me” is the ultimate club, party, or kickback song. Some people will enjoy the inspiration from past 90s r&b artists, while others will love the song without knowing any backstories. Either way, Bekim!’s “Next to Me” is destined to put anyone in a good mood, which is what music is really all about.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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