“Give Us A Kiss” by Adrianos

London-based Athenian songwriter and guitarist ​​Adrianos’ latest single, “Give Us A Kiss,” is a rock-pop blast from the past; sounding like a mix between the 70s and 80s rock, fans of old-school music will love the nostalgic yet still modern vibes. “Give Us A Kiss” has an overall calming atmosphere, serving as the perfect company for anybody who wants a bit of lightness in their heart. 

“Give Us A Kiss” begins off strong with the song’s soaring guitars, light-hearted drums, and Adrianos’ effortlessly uplifting voice. His raspy vocals feel like nostalgia stuck in a bottle, reminiscent of early rock singers such as Tom Petty and John Lennon. Adrianos’ vocals and the captivating instrumental makeup for a memorable and sentimental song. 

According to Adrianos, “Give Us A Kiss” is an “imaginary tale of a lovers’ quarrel” and tackles the misunderstandings and apologies from these relationship fights. The song was partly inspired by Gustave Klimt’s iconic painting, ‘The Kiss’; “Give Us A Kiss” is supposed to tackle the moment the couple reconciles. The song’s theme goes flawlessly along with the track’s instrumental and overall cheerful demeanor, showcasing Adrianos’ talent as an artist. 

Adrianos Pandis is the one-person show behind Adrianos. Starting in the Athens rock group MOAN, Adrianos has since perfected his craft as a solo musician and has begun to create his own, truly beautiful music. If you thought that classic rock days were over, listen to Adrianos’ “Give Us A Kiss,” and you’ll take that statement back. 

Photo credits: Emmi Maaria

Written by Melissa Cusano





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