“Nishida” by Morisse Monty

In this day and age, things get taken for granted quite often. We find ourselves longing for more than what we have, wishing we could be different than who we are, and often searching for something other than ourselves. 

Realizing this common issue while learning about a homeless man who was content with his life, artist Jussi De Nys, the creative mind behind the recording project ‘Morisse Monty’, found his inspiration and the subject of his newest release, “Nishida”.

Heavily influenced by his childhood favorites such as Frank Zappa and The Beatles, to more modern artists such as Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Nick Hakim, and Toto Y moi, Jussi has always had music in his life. So, it’s no wonder his songs cover a range of genres. This recent release from Morisse Monty is Jussi’s way of evolving from an Indie-Soul sound to embrace the psychedelic pop scene. 

In his latest song, “Nishida” De Nys focuses on delivering an upbeat, colorful sonic journey with a message to the listener about finding joy in the little things around you. With lyrics such as “You tried that way of life…straight lines circling back around”, the song delivers a wonderful message that pays homage to finding your path in life and not letting others deny what brings you happiness.

Not only does this song promote positivity, but it is also a beautifully engineered song. The catchy opening, brought in by the guitar, blends seamlessly with the bass and steady beat of the percussion. Once the vocals come in, De Nys fades out the guitar to provide a focus on the lyrics, then adds a distorted guitar lick bring a more alternative sound to the already funky, psychedelic soundscape. With its slapping bassline and echoing harmonies, this upbeat psychedelic pop song will have you moving and groovin’ along in an instant.

Jussi De Nys’s abilities are truly impressive and evidence of hard work. With a childhood filled with music and a background in Music Production from the Conservatory of Ghent, his talent and work ethic led him to writing, recording, engineering, and mixing his own songs such as “Nishida”. This  is just one of the many songs created by this Belgium-based, multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist. Other songs of his that are absolutely worth checking out include ‘U Keep Turnin’’, ‘Weird Times’ and ‘Lightweight’. His sound explores and fuses together the realms of Indie and Soul with flavors from 70’s psychedelic, R&B, and a bit of funk, too. Continuing to impress those around him, and taking the world by storm with his beautiful music, Morisse Monty is a project to keep your eye on.

The Official Music Video of “Nishida” by Morisse Monty

Written by Natalie Elena






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